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Who we are

China Datang Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute(hereinafter referred to as the “Science and Technology Research Institute”)was founded in December 2013, is the Central Research of China Datang Corporation(hereinafter referred to as “the Corporation”), is established according to the related work of the Party Central Committee, the Sate Council ,and the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC ;and also the internal demand for sustainable scientific development of the Corporation. Science and Technology Research Institute not only is an important link to create scientific and technological innovation system, but also is the Important Guarantee of the Corporation to speed up the transformation of development mode, Improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation and achieve strong and excellent.

Science and Technology Research Institute insisted on development Strategy and Industrial development planning of the Corporation as the guide; insisted on servicing production, management, construction and reform and development for the purpose. Closely focus on the Corporation under construction in-service power generation assets to carry out technical services support; Closely focus on the actual problems and difficulties in the production, management and construction of the Corporation to carry out technical problems; Closely focus on the future development of High-tech industries and strategic emerging industries to develop cutting-edge technology(for short is “Three Closely focuses”). Science and Technology Research Institute is the Central Research of China Datang Corporation combining the functions of technical supervision center, technical service center, science and technology research and development center, and science and technology information center(so called “Four Centers”).

Science and Technology Research Institute is facing the main business of the Corporation, facing the actual production construction operation and future development of the Corporation (so called "Three Faces"), paying equal attention to power engineering technology research and energy technology economic research, technical services and scientific research and development", endeavoring to develop the four mainstay businesses of "energy policy Research, High-tech research and development, electric power engineering, and Energy engineering consulting services". To build up a business system that matching the development strategy of the Corporation and having Datang characteristic. To support the the Corporation’s scientific development.

Science and Technology Research Institute is adhering to the concept of "value thinking and benefit oriented", is adhering to the "scientific and technological guidance, management innovation, Process reengineering", is adhering to the work policy of the Three Closely focuses and Three Faces; To comprehensively strengthen the construction of Science and Technology Research Institute; To improve the scientific research level of the whole Institute; To improve the image of science and technology; To focus on the construction of technical support and technical guarantee system; To focus on the construction of system mechanism of scientific and technological innovation; To focus on the construction of scientific and technological talents team; To focus on the construction of basic science and technology Platform of Science and Technology Research Institute; To achieve the development goal of "three strides in three years".

The higher-up and subordinate of Science and Technology Research Institute should continue to create the cultural atmosphere of “let development become the theme, make innovation become habit, let the mark become the culture, let the fortification become the mechanism ”. Continuing to start from the reality, from the problem, from the goal; Sticking to the truth and correcting mistakes; Adhering to reform and innovation, overall promotion; Adhering to the industry benchmarking, making up short board; Adhering to the work principles of pragmatic; carrying forward the fine style of work in "science, technology, democracy, norms," ,in order to lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Science and Technology Research Institute.

Branched structure

Datang Northeastern Electric Power Test Institute (China Datang Corporation Calibration Center)

Datang East Electric Power Test Institute(Datang Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspection Center)

Datang Central Electric Power Test Institute

Datang Northwest Electric Power Test Institute

Datang North Electric Power Test Institute

Datang Hydroelectric Science and technology Institute(China Datang Corporation Dam Safety Supervision Center)

Thermal Power Generation technology Institute

New Energy Technology Research Institute

Energy and Technology economics Institute

Optimized design and operation Research Center

Information Center (Editorial Office of Energy Science and technology information)

Datang (Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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