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  • Technical services and technical supervision

    As the Technical Supervision Center and Technical Service center of China Datang Corporation, Science and Technology Research Institute that is closely around the Corporation under construction in the existing power generation assets to give technical service support, closely around the production, management, construction of the actual problems and difficulties encountered in the development of technical problems. According to the nearest service, the principle of timely and efficient, the formation of a reasonable and perfect regional layout of the technical organization of the security management system. Under the northeast, east, Central, northwest, North China Electric Power Research Institute and Hydropower Research Institute, with steam turbine, boiler, electrical, thermal, chemical, metal, environmental protection, hydraulic and other professional and technical personnel and professional testing equipment. Relying on Datang industry-oriented, insisting on the reality, from the point of departure, from the target to undertake coal power, gas turbine, hydropower, wind power technology supervision and technical services, at the same time, in charge of the group of power generation enterprises in the technical supervision of the monthly and annual summary of the preparation of technical supervision of key issues of the review, six months of technical supervision of Take part in the field investigation of the equipment major damage accident and the typical unplanned outage of the unit, standardize the work contents of the Construction Technology Supervision service and the metal inspection standard of the construction period; to build the quality as the goal, the completion of commissioning of the Suihua No. 1th machine and Jiangyan gas turbine project is currently running stable.

    Focus on the Thermal Power Enterprise Unit Protection Logic Verification and investigation, thermal power current transformer special inspection, Generator export PT situation Check, high school pressure guide steam pipe special hidden trouble, and bypass pipeline after the special Technical Supervision service work, effectively avoid the recurrence of major problems.

    Adhere to problem-oriented, strengthen service awareness, focus on key areas, key enterprises, key issues, included in thermal power enterprises focus on 700 issues, and to formulate countermeasures for different issues, to provide more powerful technical support for generation enterprises. With the power generation enterprises to carry out the specific color training and exchange activities, to achieve "find problems and solve problems", "technical services and technical supervision" combined. For the group of power generation enterprises in safety production, economic operation, energy saving and emission reduction provides a strong technical support, improve the group of technical Supervision of the standardization, standardization, professional management level.

  • Technical Economy

    Energy Technical Economy Research Department is affiliated to China Datang Corporation Science and Technology Research Institute. It has a group of high-quality professional personnel with academic ability and practical experience of consulting business. There are totally 57 staff employees, which include 26 people with master degree and above, accounting for 46% of total; and 32 people with intermediate professional title and above, accounting for 56% of total.

    Energy Technical Economy Research Department is mainly engaged in the macro-economy research, energy policy research; enterprise development planning research, business strategy research; energy market analysis, project investment analysis; construction project overall processes of optimization review,  commencement review, consultation and post-evaluation; technical renovation project post-evaluation, merger and acquisition project post-evaluation; power generation project blueprint examination, bidding document examination, major special design alteration examination; competitive project Inspection and acceptance check; internal control and risk evaluation; construction project feasibility estimation and budgetary estimation of design, implementation and completion, and the examination of construction bidding documents and commencement investment; the construction whole process cost consultation, tracking audit consultation and financial accounting consultation, etc.

    Energy Technical Economy Research Department has always been adhering to the “value thinking and benefit oriented” business philosophy, and the principle of “science, technology, democracy and standardization”. Also, this department has provided the strong policy and technology supports for corporation competitive projects.

  • Two optimization research centers.

    The combination of remote diagnosis and on-site diagnosis is used to locate potential safety hazards on the production site of the power generation company, to save the equipment and system energy, and to formulate targeted measures. The control optimization improves the efficiency of the power generation equipment system through the source control and process management. Combined with on-site technical diagnosis, the professional and technical personnel are trained to improve their ability to identify and solve problems.

    Specific to the hidden dangers and defects of generator set, system design, construction and production management, the system optimization of new generator set is carried out, and the optimal matching of equipment system parameters is achieved.

    Track the abnormal failures of power generation corporations, classify the equipment manufacturing, system design, construction and production enterprises, find the common faults and personality problems of equipment, and develop the targeted measures for accidents.

  • Information Center

    Information Center is the T3 unit of China Datang Corporation in Beijng, is merged by Science and Technology Information Center and Network Information Center in January 2015. It is an important technical support and informatization plate for Corporation and Science and Technology Research Institute. It is also an important supporting force for the future development of Science and Technology Research Institute.

    The information Center has a deep understanding of the overall core work of "consolidating results and improving quality",Adhering to the "Relying on the Corporation, industry-oriented, scientific and technological industrialization, product production, green development and overall promotion" development strategy,To carry out the integrated planning, unified management, hierarchical implementation and efficient coordination of the informatization plate business in the hospital. Based on the center of the Institute and the Information center of the Regional Electric Power Test Institute, Based on their own advantages, focus, grasp the key, and actively expand the market and service areas, and constantly bigger and stronger information industrialization business.

    The Information Center provides three main function services: Sci-tech information periodicals and standard service, network and Information security Technology Service, information technology and large data consulting service. To plan and construct the private cloud service platform of Internet and energy industry in power industry and have the magazine "Energy Technology" and the National periodical "Distributed Energy", Independent construction of the power industry technical Standards Library, participated in and won the Information project "China Electric Power Innovation First prize, second prize."

    2018-2020, we will be based on the strategic layout of the Scientific research institute needs, bigger and stronger core business, consolidate the traditional advantages of business, to "rely on the group, industry-oriented" for the purpose, and actively promote information and industrialization, data and intelligent depth of integration, to protect the power industry information security, The center has been built into a think-tank of strategic decision-making and an authoritative service organization for the industry.

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